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For our commercial and local authority customers ...


We're an Approved Local Authority Contractor, so we'd be delighted to discuss what we're able to offer before providing you with a detailed proposal.


Please feel free to ask us for more information on how any of our services – especially those offered below – could work for you:


  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Social Housing Responsive Maintenance
  • Social Housing General and Minor Adaptations Work
  • Electrical Periodic Inspection Reports
  • Electrical Rewiring
  • Appliance Testing (PAT)


Planned Preventative Maintenance


A PPM schedule can ensure that routine maintenance and repair works are implemented to ease out peaks and troughs in the annual maintenance cost cycle of a building, and ensure that the asset value of the property is maintained or enhanced.


The aim of the schedule is to prevent the breakdown and failure of vital equipment, before it occurs. It is designed to preserve and enhance reliability by replacing worn components before they wear out.


The schedule would include equipment checks, partial or complete overhauls at regular, specified periods, oil changes, and more. In addition, engineers can record equipment deterioration so they know to replace or repair worn parts before they fail.


Reactive Maintenance


Reactive maintenance can be defined as work that is scheduled in the 24 hours before it is carried out - effectively this covers anything that comes up in daily logging requiring immediate attention and emergencies.


Appliance Testing (PAT)


A portable appliance is any piece of equipment that can be moved from area to area and reconnected to the supply via a plug and socket system. During everyday use such appliances become worn or damaged which can lead to them becoming unsafe if not properly maintained. Portable Appliance Testing is a documented method of electrical maintenance.


The reasons to undertake PAT include complying with the Electricity at Work Regulations - to minimize the risk of fire and injury caused by electrical appliances, to remove the risk of your insurance company disputing a claim for damage from fire through insufficient maintenance, and to comply with ISO Quality Assurance.


If you are an employer or a landlord, you are required by law to have your appliances tested for safety and certified by a qualified electrician. PAT testing is a vital part of your Health and Safety requirements. But how do you know which appliances are covered by the legislation? We can help. Call 020 8770 3816 and we will send a qualified electrician out to you right away who can both advise you, and carry out the relevant PAT testing.


Electrical Periodic Inspection Reports


Each year it is wise (especially if you are a business owner) have a safety electrical inspection done on your home or premises. Periodic inspections should only be carried out by fully qualified electricians and you should be given a certificate after the inspection. To arrange an electrical inspection by a trade-certified electrician at your home or business, call 020 8770 3816 We’ll send a trade-certified London electrician out to you right away - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we don’t charge a call out fee. So don’t delay, call now.