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Our Rates

About Our Charges


Our rates are highly competitive and we believe in transparency, so there are no hidden extras. In fact we're renowned for highly accurate and detailed up front estimates and will advise you of any variations in advance.


Our charge out rates vary according to trade and service and always reflect industry standards.


We have two charging bands: in-hours and out of hours. Our in-hours charges apply from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Please ask us for the most up to date rates and information.


The table below outlines our standard hourly charge rates. Our charges are subject to VAT.


Services Normal Hours
(8am- 6pm Monday Friday)
Out of Hours
Brickwork £43 £52
Carpentry £50 £60
Electrical & Lighting £45 £54
Glazing £40 £48
Handyman £33 £40
Locksmith £40 £48
Painting and Decorating £40 £48
Paving £43 £52
Plastering £40 £48
Plumbing £45 £54
Roofing £60 £72



Commercial Customers


We strongly believe that our rates are highly competitive and we believe in being transparent there are no hidden costs!



Electrical Periodic Inspection Reports:


Residential Property


Prices range from 195 for a one bed property up to 325 for a 5 bed property. These prices are subject to suitable access to the electrical installation.


Commercial Property


A 300 fixed site charge which includes testing of up to and including 12 circuits. Thereafter a charge of 20 per circuit will be applied.



Appliance Testing (PAT):


Prices range from 120.00 per site for up to 30 appliances. Thereafter a charge of 2 per appliance will be applied.